Repair Your Skin With This Natural Formula And Glow Flawlessly

Chances are, you have a complaint or two about your skin – whether it’s age spots on your cheeks or varicose veins on your calves. But you don’t have to grimace and bear it. All women want to put their best skin forward, but it’s hard when you’re coping with acne, varicose veins, age spots, moles and more. Yet having healthy, naturally glowing skin from head to toe isn’t out of reach.

While different skin conditions can affect people regardless of gender identity, there are a few specific ones that tend to affect women more. Let Focus On Them;


You thought you left breakouts behind when you graduated high school, but now acne is popping up all over

Adult acne on your face, back and other embarrassing places is brought on by several factors:

  • Bacteria called P.acnes, which cause redness and inflammation
  • Sticky skin cells that clog up pores
  • Excessive oil production
  • Compression from pressing the phone against your chin, for example, or wearing tight clothes (often the culprit behind tush acne)


Those annoying flat brown blotches have nothing to do with your age or liver. They’re really sun spots caused by ultraviolet damage.“Melanocytes – the cells that produce melanin, which gives skin its color – get damaged over time and produce more and uneven [pigment],” 


How they happen: Veins have valves that prevent blood from flowing backward. When the valves weaken, they allow blood to flow backward and pool, causing the bulges. Varicose veins are often blue, appear twisted and stick out from the skin’s surface. Spider veins are often red or blue, small and look like branches right under the skin. Both tend to crop up in the legs; spider veins sometimes appear on the face. They’re caused by heredity, sun damage, hormonal changes (such as during pregnancy) or adult rosacea [see below], Sobel says.


How they happen: Blame the sun here, too, for those uncolored spots that crop up on your legs, arms and hands.“White spots are a sign of sun damage that has killed the cells that produce color [melanocytes],” Baumann explains.White spots may also signal a more serious skin disorder called vitiligo, which is marked by white patches that slowly grow larger. With vitiligo, experts believe the body produces antibodies that attack and kill pigment cells, causing the gradual sapping of color.


How it happens: The cause of this annoying skin condition isn’t known, but it can show itself in several ways: facial flushing (including redness on the cheeks and nose), acne-like bumps, small, dilated blood vessels near the skin’s surface, and swollen bumps along the nose and eyes. “There’s no cure for rosacea, but you can get it under control and prevent it from getting worse,” Baumann says.


Perioral dermatitis is a common condition that usually shows up as a face rash around the mouth. While this skin condition may look like "pink, bumpy acne," Shainhouse says it's actually more similar to rosacea.


Melasma is a pretty common skin condition in women that usually shows up as brown patches on the face. According to Krishna, it's tied to hormonal changes and often appears during pregnancy. "It's often termed the 'mask of pregnancy,'" she says. It can be made worse by sun or heat exposure, or even hormonal contraceptives. If you're sensitive to hormones, you're more prone to developing it.

So these are just some of the skin conditions that are more likely to affect women. Hormones, pregnancy, and lifestyle habits can all increase your risk.

We found out that many woman want to do away with this issues but they rather make it worst with the help of bleaching product. 


When skin bleaching product is applied to the skin, such as hydroquinone, it decreases the number of melanocytes in the skin. This can result in lighter skin and a more even appearance to the skin.

  These processes of skin lightening have a lot of health risks attached to it. Almost all bleaching products are composed of either of the three active ingredients – namely Mercury, Hydroquinone, or various corticosteroids and these components when used without prescription from a physician, dermatologist or doctor can have serious effects on the skin.


Getting rid of these dark spots on your skin starts with understanding what causes them in the first place, which we have discuss above.

Using the right skin care product helps to maintain its balance, when skin is too oily or too dry, many common skin problems like acne starts to pop up. Using the best skin care product can reduce the appearance of blemishes, black spots and wrinkles.

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  • Anti-bacteries : Form a protective layer to prevent bacterial invasion and the formation of melanin and uneven colour traits of skin.
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  • Anti-oxidation : Rregulate the balance of skin oils, prevent skin from aging.
  • Long lasting moisturizing : Honey help maintain the necessary sebum and moisture

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    > Reclaim wrinkles, skin laxity and melasma (FOR OLD MEN AND WOMEN)

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